How are those girls doing ?

I think a picture is worth a thousand words.   We call this the Lola grass dance.

Both Lola and Rosa and doing great, and are so ready for their new homes.   We have spent months walking them,  taking them to the beach,  playing ball with them, watching them jump for joy and preparing them for life with some cool humans.

They are so different.   Rosa wants to run and jump and show you everything she can do,  while Lola is happy to just get out and smell the salt air,  with the occasional roll in the earth,  as you can see above.   Both are affectionate and would be so happy to see you every day you came home.

We have had them at the Pet Resort longer than some of the other rescues,  but the way we see it,  it gives them more time to get prepared for the lucky owner that gets to take them home.

Both photos below were just taken 2 days ago,  after both of their walks.   I have seen a world of difference in both of them in the months they have been here.   It shows what a difference you can make in someone’s life,  as well as what they will be able to do for yours.

Pass this along,  and let’s get these two the homes they deserve.