Your mission, if you accept it…

Don’t you hate when you work on something and then send it off, only to realize you forgot the most important part ?   Well that happened to me last night as I forgot to add the icing of the corporate cake,  the mission statement.

Everyone needs a mission in life, better to put it in writing and make it a statement.   Here’s mine below,  if you need help with yours, drop me a line and I will write one for you,  from ten words to a thousand, I am your mission man….


I am charged with the responsibility of spreading cheerful prose to illuminate the soul,  to probe each and every experience to find the hope that lies within, to uplift and let you know there is a better purpose for all of us, whether it be a clown in a circus or nuclear physicist in a mental institution.    I will take it upon myself to find the shiny penny in the world of bland sand,  to shed the spotlight on the golden ticket immersed in a pile of dog shit,   to declare this world fit to be seen as a glass half full,  so you can drink it all down without any nasty after taste.  It shall be my sacred duty to scribe and scribble the obstacles before all of us and while doing so give you a way to see around them and past them to a brighter existence.    In return,  all I ask is that you have a fucking sense of humor.    It’s free,  I saw some guy giving them away on the street corner.   All you need to do is look….

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