Another day at the office..

This is dedicated to anyone that has ever spent a day in the workplace.  You know, the corporate conglomerate, the hierarchy of the business world, the turnstile that drops you into a cubicle, or catapults you into an office of you own.  I have done the open work space, the Rubik’s cubicle, the office with the view of the road of the other people driving to their office with the view of the dumpster.   I have worked from home in a room with toddler’s toys,  an office with a view of a mountain,  a view of an alley,  a view of a wood-stove and now in a place where I can throw my laptop in any direction and hit water.   I bet the mother can skip too.  The laptop I meant…..

Almost 27 years of core competencies,  conference calls when the mute button saved me from getting fired at least 45,672 times,  circling back after I reach up and grab all of the low hanging fruit before I get thrown under the bus.  I could go on and on but I have a hard stop in 10 minutes and at the end of the day it is what it is until someone decides to recognize the elephant in the room.   Excuse me as I have to take a moment to drink the Kool aid that upper management is having me rally around before I get to the next deliverable.  Fortunately for me I have the bandwidth to handle the on boarding of the next project provided that the pain point is only the equivalent of a woman giving birth to twin babies at the same time.

I can see I am starting to lose some of you so I will take this offline and we can re-convene unless you are out of pocket next week.  Send me an e-mail with your availability as soon as you update your calendar,  unless you keep it on your smartphone which is synchronized in 12 different languages and time zones.  Hopefully I will not be on PTO or FMLA or maternity, paternity, sorority, military, personal, voting, bereavement or breast feeding leave.  If I am you can leave it on my desk and I will be sure to glance over it before the next quarterly Town Hall,  which used to be called company meeting but Town Hall sounds a lot more like anyone will have the chance to talk freely.

That’s all for know.  I believe there is a story to be written here.   Let me get my best people on it and we will do a think tank, throwing ideas on the wall to see what sticks both in and outside the box.  Going forward I promise to be more proactive and will take ownership of any and all words written,  and if the luck of the gods will shine upon me, perhaps I may even have a come to Jesus moment.

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