The Game 1 focus guide – patent pending…

Ok, time for a focus check. We have reached the National League Championship Series, against the Cubs, as the Swami had predicted when we started this pilgrimage a few weeks ago. But I am not here to tout my predicting abilities (ok maybe a little bit). We need to re-assess, re-evaluate, re-focus, re-animate, re-incarnate, rewind, recalibrate, recapitulate, reconstruct, refabricate, and remonstibalate. Ok I made that last word up but I think you get the point that I am trying to beat you with. The Mets are now playing for the right to go the World Series, against a team that has not won the Series in over a century. The goat, Bill Buckner, Steve Bartman, Harry Carry, Bill Murray, we know all of the stories. This shall be no small feat, and you will be going up against a ton of focus here.
The Chicago Bears stink this year so will have that entire town focusing on the Cubs.

As we go back to the Giants schedule, we are in luck of the Monday night game versus the Eagles being the Travel day between Game’s 2 and 3. We have the scheduling gods working for us, but we may need a bit more.
Looking down the road a bit quite frankly scares the living shit out of me. The potential of a Game 7 next Sunday, the same day the Giants host the hated Cowboys at 4:30 pm, could leave you with mere minutes to shift focus in time for Game 7… But let’s not go to that focus doomsday scenario yet as we have 6 games before it. I am working on a master focus plan for that to be announced if necessary.
2 big games at Shea tonight and tomorrow night. We need to prepare. Follow the below steps for the maximum focus for both games.. I am thinking the Mets need to take both before going to Wrigley.
1. Game 1 – plenty of good college football games today to distract you.. I say ignore them.. You don’t need football on your mind today.
2. Go outside, get some air, wearing as much Mets paraphernalia as you can, including ear muffs and jock strap.
3. Get plenty of bacon, horseradish, pork products and lettuce. Or you can simplify and get a pull pork roasted turkey sub on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, pickles, sweet peppers, mustard, banana peppers, chili, chicken, roast beef, cabbage, sauerkraut and mayonnaise. But hold off on broccoli, you want to watch your calories before the game.
4. Hold on, after reading #3 I need to go make a sandwich, I will be right back.
5. Beverages are always a discretionary item.. If you want to keep alcohol out of it that is your call.
My only advice here is to not change things up at such a late date. If your typical game day beverage is Mai Tai’s with banana peels and a prime rib chaser, stick with it.
6. An hour before first pitch, loosen up. Don’t overstretch as nothing with distract your focus more than a pulled hamstring. If you don’t want to risk it, have a ham sandwich instead.

I think it best that this time we just focus on Game 1, and deal with Game 2 tomorrow. You will have other NFL games to contend with throughout the day, but let’s see what shakes out tonight before Game 2 battle plans are drawn up. I am already scheming ideas here for a Sunday leading up to the game, but leave the details to me. If you can get a small horse ahead of time, that will help.

Good luck tonight, and let’s get after those damn Cubbies…..

game 1

Editor’s note :  I am aware Bill Buckner has nothing to do with the Cubs…just making sure you are paying attention…  FOCUS !!

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