You really did not think it was going to be easy ?

It is October, and with falling leaves comes fall baseball.  And with fall baseball comes broken legs,  flying beer cans,  fans beaten up in parking lots and general merriment illegal in 47 states.  You never know what will happen next.   And that is what we love about baseball,  life in general, and court cases involving a chicken and some pissed off clowns..

So it will come down to one game in enemy territory,  as you knew it would have to .. These are the games you will remember for the rest of your life,  like the birth of a child, a wedding, or a really good turkey sub with cheese and bacon.   You never know what can happen, as has been proven over and over this week..

A ground ball leads to a broken leg,  a throw back from a catcher leads to beer cans thrown from high levels, a trip to the grocery store ends up with you in a Mexican prison remembering only that you bought a monkey named Mitch and may have married a horse.

So what can we expect tomorrow night in the deciding innings ?   You can cut the drama with a butter knife.   (Trying to picture how to actually do that has always baffled me) .

Now is the time to summon all focus on the Mets.  For the next 30 hours you must forget the New York Football Giants even exist.  As difficult as that is,  anytime they pop into your head,  my advice is that you stab yourself with a fork..  That may be a bit extreme, but it will be effective .   You may never watch football again and may have excruciating pain well into the holidays,  but that is a small price to pay for a Mets Game 5 win and a date with the Cubs in the NLCS.

If only they could eliminate the American League and make the Mets vs Cubs the World Series.   What a wonderful world it would be, other than the flying beer cans coming from Canada.
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