Is anybody home ?

I have another test for you..  This one may be a bit easier than the Math test,  and more fun.   This is a test to search out for any signs of intelligent life.  Too see if there are any lights flickering behind the eyes of humans,  to see if the porch light is on,  if there is any twinkle in there, or least find if there is any hope of a sense of humor left for us..

I am not looking for lofty goals here,  if we find 74 out of several billion I will consider this a success.  So we do we need to do ?   Just some basic prompts for some interaction, a tweaking of the thought processes,  a nudge to knock someone off track enough to let them know there is a lot more than just the one track they have been programmed to see since birth.  Now I am no psychologist (they would not let me in the club),  but I am confident that the following questions or comments to people will get them to notice you,  however there is no guarantee they will not notify the authorities,  but that is a chance you will have to take to wake people up..    Ok, here goes :

First rule is that this needs to be done in person, no Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,  Pinterest,  texting, sexting, schmeckxting, Skyping, Facetiming, Vineing, Youtubing, or GoTo meeting..    For some of you this may mean getting out of the house for the first time since 2011,  but at the current rate of Global warming it will be good for you to see the Sun before it is 125 degrees every day.

This is meant to get people to think differently.  Knock them off their axis, but be sure to help them up afterward.

Walk up to anyone,  have idle chit chat and then tell them if you do not see them,  have a great Christmas.   This works best in July.

In a grocery store, look for any parent that has a child in their cart,  and then ask them what aisle they got them in.. I have done this before.  They will either have a sense of humor or will run screaming for security.   Best you wear sneakers for that question.

Find a state park and get into an argument with a tree. Make sure you can be overheard and tell the other trees to stay out of it..  I am sure you will have the place to yourself in no time.

Go to any sporting event and start rooting for a team that is not playing.  It helps to yell out “Touchdown”  during halftime…

Find any public setting with at least 57 people and casually spread the word that the mother ship will be here soon,  making sure all have packed an extra pair of socks.   For extra effect make sure you are wearing some form of cheese.

Walk into any Catholic church with two pieces of bread and ask for the Communion sandwich and a side of bacon.  If you catch any flack just say the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Finally,  go to any beach and pretend you are hitchhiking. If anyone offers you a ride tell them you are going to Iowa.  The look of confusion alone will be worth it.

Let me know how you do with any of these exercises.   If you happen to run into legal conflicts, be sure to contact me at the address below… And remember, always keep people guessing.   It beats the hell out of unconsciousness..




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