Coming soon to a bookstore near you…

Well not really as no one ever goes in those things anymore unless buying coffee or scoring crack,  but you get the idea.  Working on a period piece I’d like to call my childhood,  focusing mainly on the funhouse I like to call Catholic school..  Still working on a title for this expose of guilt and genuflecting.   A few that come to mind are  :

Purgatory comes early on the Prairie

Jesus loves me more in a shirt and tie

Can I trade these 12 years for a simple fork in the eye ?

Damn that Recess was fast…  back to Phonics….

As you can see,  still a work in progress,  but the blueprint is there before me.. Small town, big Church, angry nuns, drunk priests, bewildered kids who would give up a kidney if only it were Saturday.

This is going to be a lot of fun and should be taken in that light, and if you don’t, well then Lord have mercy on you…  I leave with an image on my first day in 1st grade…


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