The Newest Math – does it add up ?

While the Christmas Card is being worked on,  let’s ease on down another road of equal importance.  Math.  You hate it or you love it.  When I a kid in Catholic school I breezed through my multiplication tables only to find out they were coming out with New Math.  Remember that?   It was no longer enough to know that 5 lemons and 3 limes added up to no scurvy, I now had to know the inverse proportion of each lemon perpendicular to the stratosphere of each lime.  At first I blamed Satan, as we were taught to blame for all bad things.   Then I realized that Math was just moving along with the times, getting with it in the hip 1970’s.    Well here we are in 2015 and I have had to revisit the fun world of mathematics with my daughter’s Algebra class.   All I can say is where the fuck was Google when we needed it in the 1970’s.   It was nice to see I remembered nothing, and could internet search my way into the correct answers.  The circumference of my brain was growing exponentially..  I decided there had to be an even newer Math,  so coming soon,  I give you the newest Math, written for kids dealing with real math problems in the twenty fifteens.  Here’s a snippet :

Billy went to the store to buy 2 gallons of milk.  His Mom gave him $10 to pay for said gallons. If each gallon of milk costs $3,  should he fore-go the milk and continue to save up for the rocket launcher that will take out half of the neighborhood ?

Troubling Math indeed, but you must admit,  it is new.   This story will be complete once I solve for X,  find the slope of an isosceles rhombus, and the hypotenuse of my trapezoid. I lost both of them in a different pair of pants.  For now, I leave you with these 2 math problems..  If you can figure them out,  you are smarter than me.


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