Goal Reaching.. make sure you stretch first…

You have planned it,  prepared for it,  gone the extra mile, made the sacrifices you needed to make, put in your time, paid the price, paid your dues, sang the blues, stayed up late, got up early, bided your time, burned the midnight oil, fought the good fight, gave the devil his due, worked overtime, towed the line, committed no crime and stopped on a dime.

You made it to the top, left nothing on the field, sweated and toiled and your pants might even be soiled..  ok, that was a bit inappropriate but I am trying to make a point here.

A popular saying is that it is not about reaching the end of the road, it is about the journey it took to get there, or something like that.  I say it IS about the end of the road,  as it is about time to get out of the car and finally enjoy your life.  To illustrate that, I give you this :


Stop trying so hard, and enjoy your damn life already.  Before the thing is bloody over…..

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