The year I turned 50 … work has begun

Ground has been broken on my latest book, currently called  “The Year I Turned 50”, subject to change as that is what writers do..

What is the book about you ask ?  A reflection back on 50 years to see what occurs to you from the second you come out in 1964 to where you are now in 2014. This world has many “interesting” influences, some good, some not so good that tend to shape the person you turn into.

This is my story,  not too far different from what may be your story, filled with childhood recollections and bad decisions that young boys make that get them into trouble on a regular basis. It is about growing up on bikes and in alley ways that twist and turn in so many directions, leading you out to an adulthood where you are constantly looking for ways NOT to grow up and do what you are told.

The innocence of your childhood gets taken away at some point,  for some it happens earlier than others.  This is my attempt to get it back,  and if it shows one person the pathway to do the same,  it will all be worth it.

Off we go………be sure to put the air in your tires first….

baby on bike

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