It is time !

Where’s he been ?  What’s he been doing ? It’s been 8 months since we’ve heard from him, so what’s he been up to ?   Is he dead ?

dead guy

Was he in a coma ?  Did he have amnesia ?  Was he hibernating ?  Did he become a monk ?


Did he join the convent ?  Was he swallowed up by an earthquake ?  Did he freeze to death in the woods of Winterfell ?


There are many questions to be asked, but none of them will be answered as it needs to stay a mystery. The reasons we write or do not write belong only to the writer, with the only true answer being “it was not the time”.

But NOW it is.. Join me in a journey that will span a lifetime, a journey of self discovery as we traverse the landscape of finding out how we get to who we are today.  A journey back in time that shows us from birth, and shows the influences that affect us from day one, the memories that shape our personality, and the bad decisions we makes as kids that turn us into the messed up adults we have become.

None of us are perfect. And this book will be a shining example of why as we look back, and look ahead to “The year I turned 50”.

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