Christmas or Armageddon ? You decide

I am in a bit of a pickle.  We are 3 weeks away from Christmas, and while I should be preparing for that fine day, I can’t get out of my head that the world may end 4 days prior.

Shall I deck the halls with boughs of holly,  or stockpile firearms after the world is destroyed ?

Do I spread Christmas cheer for all to see and hear, or do I run for the hills screaming obscenities and prepare to meet my maker ?

I could go a wassailing among the leaves so green,  or I could dig a trench fill it with cement and cower in there eating nuts and berries for the next 5 years.

Perhaps some cheery Christmas cards of me and the family smiling and wishing glad tidings and to all a good night,  or a quick note to all to prepare yourself to be eaten by zombies ?

Such is my quandary, do I prepare for this ?

Or this  ?

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown  ?

Or get the fuck to an underground shelter Charlie Brown ?

More to come, or will there be ?



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