Bolivian Cult Celebrates ‘Day Of The Skulls’

Some shit you just cannot make up……

A Bolivian cult that reveres the human skulls of close relatives has held a ceremony to close out a religious festival in honor of the dead.

Members of the cult keep skulls of family members in their homes and decorate them in advance of the annual Dia de los natitas – ‘Day of the Skulls’ – ceremony.

They have the craniums blessed at the cemetery chapel, which they believe brings them good luck in the future – from finding a job to helping their favorite football team win.

The believers also pay homage to their skulls by offering them music, prayer, food and cigarettes.  Although the cult is rejected by the Catholic Church, it has quickly gained followers.

=========================Fritz Final Word =============================

Some might say it has quickly gained followers BECAUSE it was rejected by the Catholic church, but I say it has gained followers because the Cowboys won yesterday due to my dead relative’s 10 year old skull being stuffed with cotton balls. I win 100 bucks, and then get a new job? Damn right I am stuffing food inside Aunt Clara’s no longer used noggin.   Who needs cremation ?  Tell you what, if I keel over next week,  decorate my head with a ski cap, hook me up with some U2 Cd’s, and I’ll take a cheese steak with a side of sweet potato fries.  No cigarettes for me though, that stuff will kill ya !!

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