Today is Election Day !!

You all know what that means, don’t you ?   Seriously, let me know what that means so I will then know..

We must vote for the right candidate that will bring about change, and a change not just for changes sake, but real change that will show me that it is more than just a change in clothing, or a change in scenery, or a change for the better.    I want a change for greatness,  or at least mediocrity.  I want a leader that will not change horses in midstream, or at least knows how to ride a horse.  I want to follow someone who is not afraid to go with the flow, or against the current, or take me up the creek without a paddle, who can then get out and run with the dogs, walk with the common folk, roll up his sleeves and make some dough, then flip it and make a pizza.   You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.  You may say I am foolish to hope for such grandiose qualities in my land of the brave’s head muckety muck, but I am sure I can find at least 5 more that think just like me, or at least a few squirrels and a woodchuck.

Today is the day I will make a difference, grab life by the crotch and put in a head honcho that will give me liberty, give me what may not be happiness but allow me to pursue it somehow, and let me live and quietly pay my taxes without any fucking clue where the money is going.

Then i can rest easy tonight, my last thought knowing that tomorrow will be a new day, with a leader that will bring the believable change that I always wanted.   Until the zombies come and none of this matters anymore.


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