Squirrel Zombie Apocalypse

Is it bad that the world could end in less than 2 months ?  Sure, I guess so.

Is it even worse that we have an unprecedented storm about to hit us that could knock out power for days, rendering us unable to use social media ?   You bet it is ….

But you know what the worst is ?  Squirrels taking over the world.  Don’t believe me ? Exhibit A :  One of their leaders terrorizing a neighborhood for days.  It all looks funny and innocent, right   ?

Yes, that’s right, zombie squirrels are taking over the world, and they will do it when the power is out this week..  Do not go outdoors, and arm yourself.   Rumor is their next target is the stock market..  Watch for it this week.

What are we doing here at home ? Wearing squirrel heads as protection so they do not read our minds.   For proof, here is my dog Summer wearing the latest in squirrel protective headgear..

Good luck to all this week, and if you do lose power, beware the mighty squirrel !!


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