Nothing is funnier than the truth…

Lama Mia!

Closed captioning attributes four-letter word to the Dalai Lama

Did His Holiness just say “f**k it”?

At least that’s what a stenographer thought while transcribing the Dalai Lama’s speech last night on a video feed above the holy man’s head.

While the Tibetan leader urged an audience of Brown University students in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, to help spread his message of peace, the closed captioning read that if there’s “not much interest, then fuck it.”

An audience member who supplied The Daily with the above photographic evidence said the Dalai Lama actually said, “forget it.”


After the speech, the Lamster was seen partying in downtown Providence with the town’s finest townspeople, regaling them with inspirational quotes and timeless nuggets of wisdom.  He was also starving for a fucking hot dog, or so it is rumored……



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