The world’s coming to an end ? Stop drinking Coke !

‘End of capitalism’: Bolivia to expel Coca-Cola in wake of 2012 Mayan ‘apocalypse’

The impoverished nation of Bolivia is making headlines due to its Minister of External Affairs recent announcement that the Coca-Cola Company, one of the world’s largest corporations, is to be booted out of there by year’s end.

David Choquehuanca, the minister in question, explained that Coca-Cola will be expelled from Bolivia on the same day that the Mayan calendar enters a new cycle–December 21. According to Choquehuanca, the date marks the end of capitalism and the start of a culture of life in community-based societies.

“The twenty-first of December 2012 is the end of selfishness, of division. The twenty-first of December has to be the end of Coca-Cola and the beginning of mocochinche (a local peach-flavored soft drink),” Choquehuanca told reporters at a political rally for Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales. “The planets will line up after 26,000 years. It is the end of capitalism and the beginning of communitarianism,” he added.


Good for them !  I am going to do the same thing.  I will abolish all liquids from our household on December 21st and start to drink my own concoction,  Chocomocanikini, made of bread and shoe leather.  Its the end of capitalism and the beginning of Fritzicommunabotchulism.   I will also proclaim that we all begin to wear watermelon as our underwear . There will be much rejoicing in the streets, true freedom will be felt,  and we can eat fruit in our shorts…

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