Where did everybody go ?

Some of you may be asking, where did Tom and Summer go ?  Others may be enjoying the peace and quiet, and several of you may be saying, “Who gives a shit?”.

But the question remains, what has become of Tom and Summer now that we are halfway through summer ?

Some possibilities include :  Zombie apocalypse, brainwashed by a religious cult, and joined the army. Hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha..  Sorry, imagining myself in those last 2 really cracked me up.

The true story is simply a 10 day trip down to the Outer Banks with my awesome wife.  If you have never been there, get yourself there.  And if you have, you know what I mean.

So where are we now? The first copy of Stories for Boys has been approved as of last night and the publisher should have it ready for public consumption this week.

We did not take Summer to the beach with us and she has not taken it well.  She has not spoken to me in days and then decided to have a litter of baby tigers.  Don’t ask…

Anyway, we are back and you will be hearing from me and Summer more frequently in the days ahead.  Now get off the computer, get out in that summer air, and eat some ice cream before it all melts from global warming.


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