Salutations from Summer

Greetings humans, it is I, Summer, here to enlighten you as I have deliberated vociferously over many volumes learning your language. Proof of said education is offered thusly.

I find much of your so called intelligence severely lacking in merit and in morality. You seem to treat each other much in the way I would treat the proverbial rabbit if it happened upon my domain within reach of my incisors.

All I can say is you need to care for each other in a manner suiting the species that you are supposed to be.  Shall I suggest this ?

And perhaps not so much of this ?

Perhaps some day you humans will catch up to my new found sophistication.  Now please excuse me while I go defecate in Father’s automobile.

3 thoughts on “Salutations from Summer

  1. Summer,
    Wow! You have a great vocabulary for someone who, only a week ago, had trouble spelling. Your daddy must really be a great educator of the English language. Ask him if he used a paper-back thesaurus or

    Auntie Kellie

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