Me is bak, will rite for pizza crusts

Daddee tellz me tamarrow will be very loudly as huumans make lots uv noyse blowing shit up.  He sayz it iz to celebrate being indeependent frum some uther huumans that used to live across that big water thing called oshun.

Sounds pritty silly to me. I like all my dog frends, I sniff there butt and we are frends forever.  Why wuld I leeve them ?

Daddee says it wuz doo to this thing called taxus ?  Wen some won starts taxing me to live here, let me know where the catz live, cus I am mooving in with them.

Have fun blowing crap up, singing silly songs and waving yore flag tamarrow.  I here our flag iz the bestest one in the wurld.

Save sum burgurs for me…


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