Adventures of Summer – about a month in….

Ok, I have seen my Dog’s blog and now realize I need tighter security on my laptop. Guess the password of “summer” was not a good idea.  I have also discovered it is not easy getting dog crap out of the back seat of a car after it has been sitting in the hot sun for several hours. I will spare you further details but 3 of my 5 senses are now impaired for at least this weekend.

To Summer’s credit she made her point that I have not been spending enough time with her lately due to book editing and the 97 degree temperature that exists today.  We did attempt to play catch with the soccer ball today, she looked at me and said, “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”.

It seems as though Summer’s blogging has gotten quite a reaction here on the mountain.  Here are some reviews from within our “community”.

Chickens (there are 5) – “That summer is one hell of a writer.  Our next 5 eggs are for you… Now get out so I can lay them.”

Turkeys-  (also 5, one Mom and 4 babies)  –  ” I promised to read Summer’s blog so she does not tear the ass out of me… Sounds like a good deal.”

Diesel the Great Dane. – “i herd it wuz funnie butt i cant reed”.

Horses –  “you think summer’s shit smells bad,  stop by our stalls anytime.”

That is all.. If you would like Summer to blog more, let me know here in the comments. I am sure she will oblige, my only request to her is she needs to crap elsewhere.   Let me know if anyone will let my borrow their car….


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