Advenshures of Me, wut day is it ?

Daddee is two busy righting his book.  Got tired uv wading for him so me is taking ovur. Are not me much better looking ?

So lettuce talk about Daddee since he not arowned.  Not too bad owner, feeds me goodly sum awesum meet and vegtabels that smels crappy to hewmans.   Takes me running fastly in woods wear i smell lotsa other animuls and he smell too.   Daddee allways need shawer.   Me have him trained like good hewman.   Cleens up my poop wif big blew scooper.  Tosses me crap in woods.

Don’t tell him, butt wach me crap in his car….

Hear he cums, half to go now….. Will tell u more tamarrow.    Me saying goodlybye. Are not I mutch funnier then that hewman ?


3 thoughts on “Advenshures of Me, wut day is it ?

  1. Hi Summer! Keep writing. You’re a “rebellious” Dog!!! I LOVE THAT about you 🙂



    ps. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Daddy that you took over his laptop to write to everyone. It will be our little secret. “wink”

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