Stories for Boys – What’s it all about ?

Sorry I have not posted for a few days, but the final edits were being worked on for Stories for Boys. Here is a sneak peek at the text of what will be on the cover.  I should have the cover art within the next week. I am very excited about this book and I am shooting for release by the 4th of July !!

Front cover text  –   A Poetic tribute to the immaturity of man

Back cover – About the Book–   Have you ever wondered what makes men tick? I did not think you would but if you did, you would find it all here. Stories for Boys takes a poetic look at men’s habits and quirks and leaves you wanting to take a shower.

All of men’s secrets are here in gruesome detail, presented in a form of poetry that you have never read before. Open and enjoy if you dare but beware, you are getting a rare stare at men who like to swear in their underwear while lounging in their lair.

About the Author  –  Tom Fritz has been a student of the behaviors of man his entire life. He has found being a man extremely helpful in this effort. He is committed to sharing what he has learned to the world, and a way for you to help is to read the book.

Tom resides in a log cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Stop by for a visit, but please do not touch his remote control. You can follow Tom without visiting him at


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  1. Well Tom, I also being a man for 53 years have to say that its about time someone took the initiative and opened up that nasty cellar door that is the male brain…..its our only defense!!!

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