Adventures of Summer – the first day of summer

We are officially now into summer, and no one is happier about that than Summer.  Summer has been looking forward to summer for quite some time now.  Ok, I will knock it off now.

We were both excited about getting off the computer and online poker and getting out into the world of exercise. (Sound like any kids you know?)  But what would we do?  We could run, walk, skip, bike, canoe, row, kayak, rollerblade, hula hoop, hike, swim, golf, play frisbee, chase squirrels, ice skate, water ski, lawn darts, or simply milk cows.

When I proposed all of the following to her she gave me the following look :

I interpreted this as, “are you freaking kidding me? It is 95 degrees out there”.   Point well taken.  In the end, she decided on this.

With a forecast of 97 today, here’s hoping all of your exercise activities look something like that.


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