Stories for Boys is completed !

I am sending this off to the publisher !  What is this about? I will try to explain it here in words that men will understand.

This was originally called Poetry for Men as I always felt the disgusting habits of men has never been fully dissected through the graceful art that is poetry.

What is in the book?  Other than words, we have :  Sonnets, Limericks, Haikus, poetry that rhymes (that is when the words sound the same, but not quite, like diarrhea and gonorrhea), poetry that does not rhyme (that is when none of the words sound the same, like colostomy and painful rectal itch)

This book will show you men like you have never seen them before, up close and disgusting as you remembered them as boys.

Why did I change the name of the book?  You mention poetry in the title and you will get many running for the aisles.  Well maybe not many but I know 5 guys that would not get it at all.

If you thought My Grateful Write was funny, you ain’t seen nothing yet !   And if you have not read MGW,  what are you waiting for?

Send this out to everyone you know, and several that you do not.


2 thoughts on “Stories for Boys is completed !

  1. As is mine, hence the quick turnaround.. The Summer of Tom begins tomorrow…
    With more adventures of Summer ! Sorry about Stonybrook. The Sea Muffins have nothing to be ashamed of…

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