Adventures of Summer – Day 24

Well I have finally got Summer kicked off the partying train. The last Boxer was sent packing, the last Beagle was bounced and the last German Shepherd was sent shepping.

So what is next for her?  I thought it might be nice to teach her a good strategic game such as poker, to get her mind off the Hollywood social scene.  It appears my dog has some addictive behaviors as she is now hooked on online poker. She has been playing for 2 days straight.  I mean in a row.  I cannot seem to flush these poker terms out of my head. What a royal mess this has become.  I used to have a full house of dogs and now I am left with a one of a kind pooch with no heart that wants to beat me with a club.

Here she is online as well as at a local game she found in the woods.  She went all-in with king-four and lost a day of dog food to a wise squirrel named Sac-o-Nuts.

I think it is time to get her outside and hit the exercise trail !


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