It’s time for a break….

I think we can all admit it is time to stop talking about this…… all….the….time

The usual idle banter is now limited, as you can’t talk sports, your glee club meetings or about any live event with a lot of people at it that were interesting that you attended.

And if someone mentions I need to watch Tiger King one more time….. ain’t gonna happen.

So let’s take a quick pause and not watch every commercial that is letting us know they are right there with us when we know they are not.

Instead, let’s watch every state open up one by one and take advantage of the front row seat we will have to whether or not this was a good idea.

Let’s get excited about future issues in the Plethora of Pandemic Pandemonium !

Coming up :

  • Social Distancing the correct way – a tad more extreme – I promise you will find my ideas equally intriguing and disturbing
  • Grocery shopping with a vengeance – the most challenging of safe activities right now, I give you all the tips and tricks to getting food and alienating citizens.
  • Sports – How I believe they should come back, with new rules that keep the game shorter and puts the players in more danger.

See you all soon.. Try to stay safe, and if you cannot be safe, take out as many others as you can in the process.

One thought on “It’s time for a break….

  1. Ha! When I was a wee, I remember my favorite cousin always had the best books in her bathrooms.They were as I called them Toilet Humor, full of funny short stories and little blurbs.I haven’t seen books like that in years. Haven’t truly looked, but I’m enjoying your morning humor.You might be on to something.Keep it up.We need all the truth masked as humor that we can get.

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