Happy 5th of July

Just a quick hello as I continue to work on the ultimate book on what the meaning of life is all about.    Today I dedicate the meaning to a day no one ever talks about,  the 5th of July.   This day ranks right up there with December 26th and the first day you return to work after vacation.   I always thought if you want to do a day of freedom correctly,  eliminate all of the imaginary boundaries we have created and celebrate it with everyone,  not just those wearing red white and blue bathing suits.    I realize this could be an unrealistic utopian dream,  but if we ever did manage to work this out before the year 2200,   think of the day at the beach we would have then,  the size of those fireworks,  and the anthems we would write that could have God shedding his grace on a lot more territory.   We would need it for the extra crowded beaches….

Now don’t get me wrong,  I love fireworks as much as the next guy.   They are a great time to reflect on the past year and ponder the ways you have let your family and friends down,   but as usual,  we limit ourselves on the scope of it all.    There are currently 196 countries in the world.   Why not put our heads together and blow some shit up the right way.    By the time we pull this together,  there could be a wall to our south that we could start with.   Utopia has to start somewhere..

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