Look at it this way…

In case you have not noticed it,  there is alot going on in this country right now,  and I don’t mean the Super Bowl or Winter snow storms named Fortis and Jupiter.

I have a simple idea that will resolve ALL of this.  Instead of building a wall to Mexico,  we need to get more serious and think more globally.   I say we build a wall around the entire planet,  even better if we move it up into space.   Let’s keep the real aliens out, not just the made up ones.

Think of the jobs this will create.  It will also help the space program as shuttles will have to go up every day to work on the wall.  It can be made on inexpensive material such as plywood or even saran wrap to keep the costs down.   The most important part would be to keep 2 areas open in a circular pattern to allow the sun and the moon to make its way in.   Perhaps some netting could be used,  like the ones used in shark cages.    It would be a shame to have all of that work done just to kill any warmth coming in and make us all extinct.   Not that the Earth would mind that..

Once that is in place we can resume building walls around every country,  as long as the internet can still get in.   We need to be able to continue to watch the rioting on Facebook.

This will help the economy as there will be so many jobs for building shit that we will not know what to do with it.   The Education system is saved as now the only classes will be basic carpentry and how to build moats.

Climate change is also fixed as now we will have so many walls built it will be easier to keep the temperatures at an even 72 as each wall will have its own thermostat.

If we build the walls high enough,  we will no longer be able to bomb each other so war is eliminated.

I have many other ideas on how to look at things differently,  and trust me,  we are going to have to start doing just that.      A new book is born……

I would say more but I want to get this out before they shut me down.  That guy out there in the tree with the binoculars is making me nervous.

I leave you with one thought of inspiration as this train continues to roll downhill with ever increasing speed.

Jesus said, ” Love one another as I have loved you”. This is about the only thing I took out of 12 years of Catholic school.   We need to be paying attention to this now perhaps more than ever before in our history,   or we could be left with the other quote I remember from Catholic school,  “Jesus wept”.

Time to shut this down,  grab a shovel, and start digging my moat.  I was always partial to Piranhas…..



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