A new resolution

Here in 2017,  these are the things that make me happy :  The smile of a child, a day spent in the wild, the wag of a dog, sitting on a log. A breeze that is warm, an approaching storm, the laugh of my wife, stopping to appreciate my life.

These are the things that make me sad :  A nation divided, a child being scolded, anyone who is lost, winning at all costs.  Feeling disjointed, wandering around without an appointment,  seeing a picture that is leaning,  hoping that at the end my life has had some meaning.

A new year is here, and with it the time to get serious about seeing this world for the humorous potential it has.   I am tired of the whining, crying, excuses and misuses, of the tears and the fears,  where will this go and what will I do ?   We all have to sludge through the earth plane for some amount of time.  Some of us got out early,  some way too early.  Let those that did blaze the trail for the rest of us to see what truly matters.

I have been bouncing ideas for a book for some time,  there are bounces that barely get off the ground, and every once in a while the ball jumps off the page and goes high into the sky,  seeing the potential one can do if they get themselves out of the way and let the ideas come.    That is the challenge for all of us.    And this is the challenge I set before me.

Show the world where the fun is.  Everyday, every place, every instance.  Take the gloves off and tell it the way you know how.   It is also easier to type that way.

Off I go, and where it takes me I do not know.  But I will be writing for you,  but more importantly, I will be writing for me.   Some things you know about yourself way deep inside that are true,  and I need to get in there and let it come out to feel truly free…

Time to stop fucking around and get it done…. there is more to come,  so much more to come….  This is only a small taste,  but I am hear to tell you ,  this world IS a funny place….

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