December 28th, 2016

Only 3 days to go,  and the Year’s in review start to pour in.  What happened in 2016 ?   What were the amazing events that took place,  the good,  the bad, the ugly,  the accomplishments,  the extraordinary feats, the stories of victory over evil, of amazing tales of courage and strength that made us stand up and shout,  and then we get the the list of everyone who died.   And that,  usually after a commercial break sponsored by a drug that will cure you of 7 things as long as you don’t mind the side effect of not being able to breathe.   But where was I ?  2016, and what everyone else did.  Shut that thing down !  And by that any I mean any screen of any size that connects you to the outside world that makes you feel like whatever you did this year was not important !

Take a look back, a real look,  and you will no doubt find at least 12 ways that you helped someone else’s life,  perhaps with a smile,  a simple nod of understanding,  holding a door open, or being an alibi when someone decided to skip out of the country.  It is not necessarily a requirement to have solved the most complex equation,  performed open heart surgery,  or saved the world from either an air born virus or a stampede of politicians,  we all make differences in ways that collectively make this planet the livable habitat it is,  no matter how many people still think that carpeting is a good idea.

Take an hour tonight and think back as to how you made a difference,  You made a group laugh, or cry, or collectively want to exile you from your town, whatever it was,  you will be remembered for what you did in 2016.

And keep in mind,  if you get nothing, absolutely nothing to come up,  you still have 3 days left. I have a few ideas for you that will not only get you remembered as making a difference,  you may also need to leave the country in 2017.  Not to worry,  I got your alibi covered.

Today’s inspirational nugget :

Dream big, but be sure you went to the bathroom first.   Work hard, 45 minutes ought to do it. Stay focused, day dreaming helps. Surround yourself with good people,  especially one that knows how to cook and can get you a passport in less than an hour.



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