December 27th, 2016

A mere 83 days from spring,  let’s embrace winter like we would an old relative that we never cared for and only saw twice a year.

There is much to look forward to !   A mere 4 days from now we will get to ring in the New Year,  hopefully amongst friends and family,  friends who feel like family,  or family that we wish were friends.   What are your plans this year?    A raucous night on the town filled with rabble rousing and violent shenanigans ?    Or a quite evening of scrabble and your favorite sedative ?    Perhaps something in between that is fun,  interesting, and at least legal where you live.

The end of the year is often a time to take pause in the past year, to reflect on what you accomplished,  and pontificate on how much your friends and family let you down.   A trip down memory lane to take account of the things you saw and learned,  and a look ahead to 2017 to make sure the things you did learn are put into practice.    It all starts with cheating on your taxes..  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.    Let’s begin with a look back in 2016 to see what you are most proud of !

Perhaps you did nothing more than clean out the old tool shed.  At least you got rid of all the evidence !

Maybe you learned a new custom,  or a native language never spoken in your neighborhood before.   Think of all the expletives you can now get away with !

This is not meant to depress you.  Everyone has a different outlook on what they consider a “productive’ year.    You bought a new house !   You had a new baby !   Your rose bushes won “best flower”  at the town fair !     You kept the authorities at bay for the 5th year running !       Way to go !     I will stop using exclamation points now…..

Take the next 4 days and skim over all that was 2016.   Feel free to put your highlights in the comments section here, or on the Facebook post where this winds up.   There is no “better than” answer.  Constructing an entire town with only mud and old clothing is just as important as spending your entire year watching Ice Capades reruns.    I’d like this to be as interactive as possible so we can all see how truly unique and fucked up we all are !

We only have about 100 hours left in this calendar year, plenty of time to reflect and share the many accomplishments that make the human race the embarrassment that it is to all of the other civilizations in the universe.    I know you can do it !

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