Day 1 – The Adventures of Summer

I think we can all agree that summer truly begins today, right before Memorial Day weekend.  It is fitting that we would also begin the 100 days of the Adventures of Summer.

No adventure should start for any dog without first having an exciting trip –   To the Vet !

This is a favorite of all dogs, as Summer greatly enjoyed the drive, until she saw where we were going.     

This Vet is in the thriving metropolis of Loysville, PA :  Population 7.  Since this was our first trip there, I stopped in first to check out the cleanliness of the facilities.   When I returned to the car I discovered Summer behind the wheel stealing my car and pulling out of the driveway !

I tried to chase after her but as usual she was too fast, as she is the “fastest dog in the world”.    As she drove away I hear her yell the following which is her favorite movie quote.

Summer’s Credo

Tune in tomorrow as we see where Summer goes with my car!  In the meantime can someone swing by and pick me up? I need a ride …

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