Winter is coming.

You ever have one of those days that you cannot shake the doldrums?  It may be cloudy and damp or dark and gloomy,  the fog may be rolling in and the thought of going outside makes you cringe?  You have nothing particularly interesting planned and you are one of those types that cannot let a day going by without doing a lot of stuff and keeping busy.

Today is one of those days.   Christmas has come and gone and brings with it the inevitable letdown.  Here we are the day after and yet today is the observed holiday for Christmas,  since it fell on a Sunday.  Feels a bit strange doesn’t it?   I will take the day off of course but it feels like a limbo day,  with nothing planned,  nothing to do and nowhere to go. This will happen again a week from now as New Year’s will come and then we will have January 2nd off.

Now that I sufficiently depressed all of you,  let’s shake ourselves out of it.   We all get days like this at one time or another,  the key is not letting it bring you down, or worse,  all of the others around you.  Winter is coming, and there can be some bone chilling,  mind numbing Debby Downer causing days ahead.   In order to combat this,  I invite you to come back here every day between now and the first day of spring,  where I will attempt to provide a spark,  a saying,  an anecdote, a poem,  a list, a soliloquy, a poem,  a photo, an inspirational sentence or paragraph to break the ice off of you,  melt that mood of yours and lift you up to see what the world can bring if you only shift your view.

We will start by not talking about the 2016 election.

So let’s begin today, the day after Christmas,  (or Day 3 of Hanukah) ,  or Boxing Day ,  or the first day of Kwanzaa.  Straight away you can see there are many other customs to celebrate, and no need to be down in the dumps that Christmas is over.   It helps to show up at those other parties both uninvited and unannounced bringing gifts or large quantities of alcohol.

Let’s look ahead to the New Year of 2017, and look forward to 5 days from now when we celebrate the ringing in of another year sure to disappoint the hell out of us by January 15th.    But see,  I just caught myself.    Keep it positive,  keep it light,  keep your humor and keep your car running at all times.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.  One of my personal favorite sayings only because we will be able to say the same thing tomorrow.  Nothing like recycling the same saying over and over.

From here on out,  starting tomorrow,  the sayings and inspirations are all my own.  They may make you laugh,  they may make you cry,  they will certainly make you think I am crazy.      Mission accomplished.    I leave you today with an inspirational saying and   photo.  I find myself living by this credo every day.

Until tomorrow,  keep your chin up, but not too far up or you will run into that door that just closed.

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