The good boy is back !

I ran into an old friend today.  Things did not work out for him at his new home,  so he decided to leave.  Hey, that happens to all of us at some point.   We need to move on and find someone or someplace better.

Did he remember me?  If he could have broke down the door to the outside world he would have, and within seconds we were off and running alongside the mighty Atlantic,  finally calm after the storms have passed, with nothing but a few fishermen to nod to,  and plenty of birds to chase.  Tracy was back,  a bit battle weary from what life has thrown at him,  but full of energy and ready to forget and forge ahead to new and greater experiences.   If only humans were that good at seeing the bright side of life.    I believe he would have run north all the way to Virginia if I had let him, as he looked at me reluctantly on our turn back home.  We paused only long enough for him to roll around in the sand, where he would bounce back up and look for the next bird to pursue.

When we got back inside was when it really got me.   We spent some time on a couch where he let me hug and pet him and he sang his songs of approval. He washed my face with his appreciation, in the best way that only dogs know how to do.

Fear not Tracy, the home you deserve is ahead of you, where the love you give will be equally matched by the person lucky enough to call you their owner.



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