I met Petunia yesterday,  another rescue dog staying at the Hatteras Island Pet resort.   As so many of these stories do,  hers also broke my heart.   Rather than focus on what has happened to her so far in life,  you have to look ahead to what we can do now and in the future.   Doing the only thing I knew I could do,  I took her for a walk on the beach this morning.

She was certainly a lighter load than Tracy was,  and took to the sand in no time.  We had a nice trot going soon and she was in heaven.   So sweet and grateful to be out in the big blue world we live in. She is super affectionate and anyone would be lucky to have her as their dog.  She kept looking back at me as if saying “Is this for real?”  and all I could keep saying was “Good girl” .   Dogs can grab hold of your heart pretty quickly,  and Petunia will do this for you.

Everyone we know also knows our dog Summer.   She is the happiest dog on the planet as many have remarked meeting her.    All we can do as owners is give her the best life possible,  kind’ve like what we should all be doing for each other out there.

Dogs teach us many things.  Summer has,  Tracy did,  and now Petunia is too.  She deserves an owner that will make her the happiest dog on the planet.   Whoever that owner is,  and I truly believe she will find one in no time,  prepare yourself for many kisses…


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  1. This is DDR’s Petunia …she has spent the past week getting baths and love, tons of love with our pals @ Hatteras Island Pet Resort while waiting to go into her new fosters today. Thank you Katie, as always, for stepping up to help and give one of our dogs a safe place in transition.Thank you Tom Fritz for allowing them to be dogs on the beach and then taking the time to write about them.This brought tears to me eyes!Coffee and salt…always a good combo!
    Petunia is a special little gal and is ready for her forever home.For more info on this sweetie contact Henni @ or 2525642901.She will be in foster local on OBX so a quick meet n greet will be easy.

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