What a week in music

Angel and I had a chance to hear two incredible groups of musicians this week,  a mere 48 hours apart.

Tuesday night was En Power & Light, a trio that travels the country doing what they love to do,  taking as little as possible with them and leaving behind memories and inspirations for others to do the same.

Last night we met Sean Bendula,  a solo guitarist with a sound that makes you stop whatever you are doing and listen.

Rather than ramble on about both of them,  listen to their music and pass it on..    2 songs stuck with me.

EPL’s  “Believe”, which can be heard here.  http://enpowerandlight.com?page_id=80           ( “Take a chance on yourself”)

Sean’s “The Light” ,  which can be heard here : http://seanbendula.com/index  

(“It feels like I’m where I need to be”)

It was a pleasure to meet both of you this week and we look forward to seeing you on the island again….




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