Who or what inspires you ?

We all have moments of inspiration.  It is up to each one of us to decide whether to do something about it.   They come and go everyday, some more powerful than others,  and sometimes they become so loud they cannot be ignored.  I have one of those now that I will get to later.

But first, who or what inspires me ?   George Carlin, Gandhi, the toddler you run into with a smile on his face, the ocean sights and sounds, the birds that don’t shit on my car,  a breeze that comes out of nowhere on a hot day, Walter White,  my daughters,  any witty comedian that gets you to see the word for what it is and helps you to laugh at it,  Barry Wells,  the trees in my backyard,  and my wife, who creates from nothing with a brush and lightens up the world the way no one else can.

These are the things and people who I pull positive energy from,  and have given me the idea for my next project.  Perhaps it will become a book, but let’s start with the inspiration and get them down on paper.    My wife gave me the title today and she didn’t even know it.

“Fathers be good”   –  I have many memories and stories of raising 2 daughters,  using no textbook that was never written,  and making it up as a went along.   The first one started at age 4,  the second one from day 1.  I got a 10 year difference between each one,  so I could screw up the first time around, and learn enough to know that I would screw up a second time around as well.   So I have decided to write my own text book, covering topics such as:

– How to be scared shitless at the thought of Fatherdom without anyone noticing.

– Changing a diaper in 30 seconds or less

– Juggling a toddler may be dangerous,  but the dog will catch her.

–  The child embarrassment manual, scarring them for a lifetime while maintaining comedic gold !

–  Keeping the boyfriends/husbands on track by proving your insanity

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will be pulling from the past 22 years experience to come up with the most comprehensive guide to how to be a Dad while not listening to any of the rules that actually make sense. As my wife has often said for the past few decades,  “You did what?”


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