Take a look at the Nook

Next time you stop on by,  take a look at From the Nook.  To find it click on the menu that says From the Nook.  I made it easy that way for you,  and for me.   It is a slice of life on a place that you can walk across in 5 minutes.   You may think that sounds boring, but you would be wrong.   It is filled with some madcap lunatics that took us in as one of their own,  only to find they may have created the proverbial monster.  Once you wind up this typing toy, it is katy bar the door and lock up your crabs and seagulls.

If some of the stories leave you wondering what is going on,  just look at the pictures.  We run a tight ship at FTN publications,  covering writing, editing, artistic creativity,  printing, wrapping and circulation all while meeting deadlines and delivering on a bike with a smile and a warning of LOOK OUT as the latest issue is delivered.

Stories change as fast as the weather, and coming up this summer is a dog running for mayor, which is much more interesting than any other election I can think of.    The vacation season has also begun, where folks flock here like stink on a monkey.   The FTN crew is here to cover all of it,  from Kitty Hawk to Okracoke, from Rodanthe to Manteo.

Spread the word as the circulation is growing faster than we can grow trees.

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