Where did he go ?

Apologies a thousand times over as two pressing projects took precedence and put me in a pickle and predicament of plentiful proportions.  (that’s enough P’s)

Item #1 was the infancy of a local newsletter called “From the Nook”.  As Editor in Chief, Head Writer,  Production assistant,  Head of distribution,  Gaffer and Dolly Grip operator,  I became enthralled and enthused at going old school on a bicycle delivering newspapers to folks who could not figure out how to hide from me.   I will post them up on the Website for anyone to take a look in a separate section called,  “From the Nook”  (what else would I call it?)

Item #2 was the 6 month disappearance of our landlord, nay our friend Mick, gone since December off in the wilderness of Canada.   Concern was soon replaced by a massive gambling ring upon which his return date was placed.  Thousands placed their bets and millions were wagered.   The anticipation of his return far exceeded who our next President is going to be quicker than you could say “which bathroom do I go into now?”

You can read about the search grids and enlisting of help from NORAD in the issues that lie within,  but in the end it was a Mouse who led him home.   You have to love a dog that takes the steering wheel by the horns and says “Fuck It,  I am going home”.   You don’t believe me, take a look below.   Arrival was made late last night and there was dancing in the streets, a parade into the town square,  and for a brief moment, cats living with dogs in harmony.  Perhaps someday the humans can take heart and do the same,  or at least be able to go to the bathroom in peace.



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