I got it all wrong

I must apologize.   While crashing a wedding was fun and will always been encouraged,  I feel l have led you all astray with my advice.  Rather than helping you get into uninvited events,  I should be helping you get out of invited events that you do not want to go to.

First up we will start with the easier of the 2 options : How to leave early from events or obligations that are as much fun as spackling in a sleet storm.

After that we will take on the more difficult of the 2 : Getting out of the event altogether while at the same time keeping a small amount of your human dignity.

Neither of these are easy so I need to put some thought into it.. An hour ought to do it.  Hey, it’s not like you can just disappear to an island at the end of the earth where no one knows where you live.  Wait a second……..

dog warming

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