Okracoke Crashers

Much has been documented on the rules of Wedding crashing.   If you have seen the well known movie,  there are over 100 of them.  While highly entertaining and funny , it is just a movie and not realistic.  Case in point,  a 50 something male taking his wife to crash a wedding in Okracoke.   Before we get to that,  let me explain Okracoke island to those folks that are not familiar.   You can Google it and get the history, for there is much written and you would find pirate lore and Blackbeard’s demise at the top of the list.  Great stuff.

My take on it,  you drive to the Outer Banks first, then drive to Hatteras Island,  then go to the end of it,  hop on a ferry, land in Okracoke, and then drive through 13 miles of amazing nature to reach the village, which I call concentrated magic.   The only other place I have encountered like it is in Jim Thorpe, Pa.     Both are so worth the trip if you ever get the chance.

So here we were, and here are my simplified rules of crashing.

1-  Pretend you belong there.  To me, the most important.  Be confident that you were invited and mingle as such.   It helps if the others are drunk.

2-  Blend in.   No fancy hats or outrageous clothes.  Find out what the indigenous attendees are wearing and meld accordingly.  Powder blue did the trick here.

3-  Go right to the bar.   The folks working there could care less if you were invited, and if you tip them properly you are all set.   From there start clapping at all the right moments of the evening.  But not too loudly.

4-  Entertain the children.  I do not recommend balloon animals as was done in the movie, but getting the kids laughing is always a good way to win everyone over.   Dogs are even better, although not always in attendance.

That’s all I have, but I can tell you it worked.  I was also able to score some good desserts including 3 Musketeers and Milano cookies.   The one question my wife has asked me over the past 18 years more than any other is “Where did you get that?”    Never give away your secrets…..

Owen and Vince were awesome in the movie,   but let’s see them doing that in their 50’s and bringing their wife along.    Here is Rule #1 and the best  :

Rule #1 – Never leave a fellow Crasher behind. Crashers take care of their own.

(And always have plenty of desserts available)


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