An excited boy

Don’t ever let anyone tell you dogs are not smart.  I showed up yesterday and rumor has it at the Hatteras Pet Resort that Tracy now knows when I am coming.   I know dogs love to walk and run, but this guy was so excited I now realized I need an athletic cup to protect myself.   After my voice returned to its normal octave,  we went outside for our normal path toward the beach that goes right past the Nights in Rodanthe House.   All I can say is that if Tracy was in that movie, Richard Gere and Diane Lane would have never hooked up.

You have to realize that this dog has years of pent up energy he is letting out,  and man is it something to watch.

I decided a pep talk was needed.  It went something like this :  “Ok, Tracy, today we are going to pace ourselves.  We are in this for the long haul,  we need style points and slow and steady wins the race.   I know this is not the Westminster Kennel show but if you want to meet the girl dogs,  you have to show off.

After my extensive lecture,   I give you my results.

Cesar Millan,   I am not,  but if you believe dogs can smile,  Tracy is so doing that on this beach, and I am having a ton of fun documenting it, even if I do fall into the ocean….


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