A Good boy

There’s a dog named Tracy that I have recently met,  a dog that has not had the best life a dog could have (so far),  a dog that needed to get out and stretch his legs, as well as all 5 senses.   Tracy knows how to do that and then some.   Rather than try to explain it in human words,  I could read Tracy’s thoughts on the jaunt we had today on a blue skied Rodanthe beach.

I’m out baby, I’m out.. time to run, run, run, run no I have to pee first.  Ok, done, what is that smell, who peed there before I did ?   Time to go,  run, run, run, stop I see a bird.  Stare,  now chase, chase , chase he is too fast and he goes in the air.   Damn can’t this human run any faster ?    SAND,, I am on sand,  I see a bone, no a bird, and I see water.   Dig, dig, dig, dig,  no that is not food but I will try to eat it anyway.   No one on this sand,  time to run, run, run, run,  here comes water,  I am going to drink it,  NO that does not taste good, there’s another bird,   pick up the pace human I must catch bird !   Run this way, run that way, stop and smell more sand, is that a dead fish.. ok ,  run, run some more ,   now POOP,   kick sand over it,  back to run , run, more water,   try to drink again…. still no taste good.   Turn around, back we goooooooooo,   faster, human faster….   Now STOP…. look at ocean for 2 minutes straight, then back to run, run, run.. No human can keep up with me,,,, I am free !!!!!!!!!!

That is my walk with Tracy each time.   All senses come alive, and it is a wonder to watch and be part of..   He will either get me in shape,  or kill me…  Both are worth it to see the joy of freedom on this dog’s face.  They call him a rescue dog,  but in a way he is doing that for all who are with him….


To adopt this fine gentleman,   go to Dunedawgsrescue.org or you can visit their Facebook page searching Dune Dawgs Rescue Inc.

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