We need better Staff…

When you live on a small island, you notice when the flag flies at half staff.  It is everywhere.  Made me wonder what the process was to get said flag lowered to 50 % appropriate height.  It appears only the President can arrive at such a decree, as he has done recently otherwise I would not be writing this. So what qualifies?   Last I saw, over 151,000 people die everyday.  This is the equivalent of the total population of Alexandria, Va.

Shouldn’t this thing be at half staff everyday?  Or would it lose its importance or relevance?   It is already a tad confusing when it goes up and down at various fractional rates based on world wide events.

I am certainly not self important enough to assume we will get a 50% lowering when I pass on to the next lifetime.  Can I ask for a 7/8 staff ?  Or at least an 11/12 ?  Hey, no one will notice anyway, other than the occasional mathematician.   It is better than no staff at all.


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