Think you have seen everything ?

I am taking a pause from my investigation of the corporate world and its antics.   I believe there is much more to write and will be taking a stab at a larger project with it,  perhaps a new book.   While that goes on I want to keep cranking out the bits here as they keep me motivated and quite frankly keep me laughing.   If it gets me to laugh as I type it,  I know it will work when I hit the “Publish” button.

Of all the things George Carlin taught me, and he taught me much, his final live show before his passing taught me the most.   Working a lukewarm crowd in the Harrisburg area, he stopped the show (a rare occurrence), and told those in attendance that show in its entirety would be on HBO,  and if they wanted to see a real audience, they should tune in.   Without skipping a beat, he said “I don’t do this show for you,  I do it for me”.   Silence.  And I loved it.

Do things for yourself first.  Not your kids, your husband, your wife, your family or your friends.  Do it for you.  Whatever that is. Never lose yourself. That is my advice of the day.

So while I work on the madcap world of office politics and policies,  I will stop by here from time to time just to check in on all of you..  There’s always something out in this world that jumps up and shows its absurdity.

Years back I started a list.  It will no doubt sound silly, but that is the point.   It was a list of things you will never see.  I have always liked the expression “now I have seen everything”.  You haven’t.   I went through my list and damn it if some of the things on it actually happened.  So I consider this a challenge now.  To think up things in this world that you will never see. The more we move along with billions and billions of souls doing outrageous things,  the more determined I shall be to add to my list.

Have some fun with this,  as I sure am,  writing it for me..  Here are a few to start us off.

  1.  Clowns in Space –    it seems like a natural with the lack of oxygen and all , but the image of clowns floating around in a capsule,  not bloody likely.
  2.  Roads made of Silly Putty –   this one may be a bit old for the youngsters.  Google it, the shit was great in its day, but used for paving, I think not.
  3. Looking outside and seeing it rain Spam –  there is a .0001 % chance of this one happening with Global warming and all.  If you have never eaten this particular item,  you can now add 2 years to your life expectancy.

More to come.   Keep reading, and more importantly sharing.


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