The Survey says !

Now that we have experienced exemplary customer service, they want to know how they are doing.  Either through the phone or the internet,  everyone wants our opinion, and it will only take 5 to 10 minutes of our time.

Oil change, how did we do ?

Update your address online, how can we make our website better ?

Had an object removed from an embarrassing part of your anatomy,  how can we improve our removal processes ?

Do you strongly disagree,  strongly agree,  have no opinion,  put us at a 7 out of 10 for appearance, quality, service, speed, friendliness, courtesy,  personal hygiene,  and overall general satisfaction that we did not ruin your life with your interaction with us.

Would you come back ,  recommend us to a friend, recommend us to an enemy,  pretend you never heard of us,  can you like us on our Facebook page,  can we interview you for our quarterly newsletter ?

All of this data is then compiled,  analyzed, deciphered, interpreted, agonized, quantified,  anesthetized, euthanized and circumcised.    In the end, I believe the result is this :

  1.  We have found better ways to create another survey
  2.    survey

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