Welcome to the world of books by Tom Fritz

I am excited to be telling you that my first book is currently in the final stages of publishing, and should be out in June of 2012  !!

My Grateful Write takes you through 100 ways to be grateful for this miserable planet we are living on.   More details to come daily as my 2nd book,  Stories for Boys is also lined up for publishing in 2012.

Many more exciting things planned on this site as well, including “The Adventures of Summer”, a free chronicle of the life my dog Summer, written this Summer of 2012.  Confused ?  You can ask Summer when it will be out this Summer.  She is working on it now…

Talk to you soon,   Tom



5 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of books by Tom Fritz

  1. I’ve already had a peek at Tom’s books and they are hilarious! One of the reasons I fell in love with Tom was his ability to make me laugh and 20 years later he is still on a roll! He still makes my heart skip a beat when he walks in the room and pee my pants from laughing at the same time. How many guys can do that? I love you and I am so very proud of you!

  2. I can’t wait! Can I have it autographed? So awesome, Tom! Good for you. Now, go get famous, make some cash and buy me a cabin in the woods in Colorado. I’ll let you and Angel visit anytime.

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