Lola’s day out…

Don’t get me wrong..  I love my dog Summer.  I have had her for almost 10 years and she has been the best dog anyone could hope for.

We all love Rosa too.  She is a sweet dog that captures your heart immediately.

But there is something about Lola.    It has been 7 months since I met her and took her to the beach for the first time,  and today was her day out.    What is it about her ?   I will put it bluntly, and if you have met her,  I am sure you will agree.   She just doesn’t give a shit.    Whatever has happened to her,  that tail does not stop wagging.   She has an air about her that tells you that no matter what life has thrown at her,  nothing will stop her from being happy,  and present,  and appreciative of what road she takes every day.   I look back at 7 months ago when I first said that she was teaching me,   and today she taught me even more.

Let’s start out by saying she was ready, as she always is… In fact,  she was waiting…

This dog has more focus than most humans I know.

Off we went to the woods of Salvo,  for a walk that I knew would quickly turn into sniffing every 5 feet.   This dog could follow the scent of anything from Salvo to San Francisco.    We moved along until there was a sound in the woods that I thought was a deer,  but Lola immediately let all the creatures of the woods that she was the boss.  She has this quiet confidence that says stay the fuck out of my way if you know what is good for you,  while at the same time is one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever met.

From there we went back to Spa Koru,  where Lola appeared happy to be there.

She was in unchartered waters with all brand new people. None of that phased her and that is what is so special about her.  She has so much to teach us humans.  What is this thing called carpeting ?   I must find out immediately and I do not care what anyone thinks of me.

From Avon we drove north to Waves and Waterman’s Bar and Grill.   On the drive north I could see she was getting sleepy,  but she sat and stared ahead in silence, knowing she had to stay awake for something special :  Hamburger……   While that was being cooked,  she had to remind all the kite-boarders who the boss was..

Not only did she get a burger,  it also came with bacon.  I never saw a dog jump up on a picnic table any faster.    Sure, bad manners and all that,  but did I say this was BACON ? Now I don’t know this for a fact,  but this may be the first burger this dog has ever had. It wrapped up our afternoon and I took her back to the Pet resort as one tired pup.

I have said this before and I will say this again.  Lola has so much to teach you.  We aren’t sure where she came from,  or everything that she has been through,  but whatever it was,  it has never stopped her from wagging her tail,  and giving you a hug, and kissing your face for as long as you will let her.

We all carry things through our lifetimes,  there is no way around it.   She has taught me to drop those things and appreciate what is in front of you at this very moment,  whether it be a walk in the woods, a group of new humans,  or a bacon covered hamburger.

You see, what has happened to Lola does not matter.  What does matter is her incredible ability to show you a confident and happy dog that would change the life of any human lucky enough to have her.    Spend just 10 minutes with her and you will see what I mean.   It starts with a visit,  and just watch what she teaches you….


Rosa’s day out.

Today was a good day.     Time to get serious and get Rosa out in the island world where all could see what an amazing dog she is.   As usual,  she was ready and up to go anywhere,  totally trusting and not caring where the destination was.

We headed south to Buxton,  to points unknown to her but a place where I knew she could unload her true bounding potential, the Lighthouse, and the Buxton woods.  Off we went, the March wind beginning to roar,   but it was no match for Rosa’s determination to let it all loose and gallop free the way ALL animals are meant to be.  The run ended at the Woods,  where her sense of smell took over to take in all that nature had to offer.    I believe stop and smell the roses would apply here.   So many things she can teach you.  We finished at the Lighthouse for a break before heading north to Avon.

It is a sight to watch a dog like Rosa gain confidence before you eyes…

Off to Ace Hardware we went,  in search of biscuits,  where they let us in to roam the aisles until the correct flavor of Buddy biscuit was found.     Rosa prefers peanut butter,  which of course is the best flavor of biscuit EVER.

Our final stop was the best one,  Spa Koru in Avon for a quick workout and photo shoot.   It takes alot to get folks to stop their exercise regimen,  but Rosa had a good half dozen off the weights and treadmills to say hello and found herself the center of attention,  by doing nothing but being her typical Rosa self.     In about 10 minutes several hearts were won over,  and the adoption net for which we wish to widen was thrown.    A big thank you for Spa Koru for letting us interrupt their day.

At this point Rosa was so confident she was ready to drive home.

I admit it,  I am a sucker for all things that a dog wants,  but I made her get in the back seat for the ride home,  and within seconds she was snoring all the way to Rodanthe.    This was a good day for this dog,   better than most in her life ..

We will continue to crank this up a notch to help her find a home.  A home that she deserves,  where she can have all of her days like the one she had today.

If you took the time to read this far, take a second more and pass this along to anyone and everyone you know that loves animals, and dogs in particular.   The wider the net we throw,  the better the chance we will get to give her the family lucky enough to take her in.