We’re still here….

Not to worry,  we get car rides, walks to the beach,  runs ON the beach,  other dogs to bark at, we see cats we wish we could chase,  and humans all over the place.

Yeah, we have been here awhile, but we take it all in stride,  just take us for a ride,  and let us see the incoming tide.

We only take one day at a time,  never looking back at where we were prior to being here,  and never looking forward to where we will end up.   Each day brings another biscuit,  a trip outside to see the sun shining on our face and the ability to sniff the million smells this island brings to us. We take nothing for granted,  are grateful for every moment with these humans, learning new tricks as we go, and teaching what is important without even knowing we are doing it.

There’s a home out there for both of us,  we’re not worried about that.  Until that time comes,  we’ll keep wagging those tails of ours,  and sticking our tongues out at the world in general.

We would stay and tell you more about how to change the world, but our ride is here.   We can’t keep him waiting.  There’s a beach with our name on it…

Later humans……keep an eye out for us this spring ,  we’ll be around..